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Texas Vodka


Come And Drink It Vodka is as fresh and clean as an artesian spring flowing from the rocks of the Hill Country. We are pleased to share with you our smooth vodka to help you through the hot Texas summers. 


Come And Drink It Vodka is mashed, fermented, and column distilled just above alcohol's boiling point to create a soft, smooth vodka. We further run it through a polishing filter six times to remove any impurities that create a vodka for the most discerning palate.

Mash, ferment, and distill in San Antonio, TX. We acquire the corn outside of Lytle, TX, making us the only Texas vodka that utilizes Texas corn. Distilled at 178 degrees F, no filtration, and zero additives Vodka.


Tasting Notes

Nose – Sweet corn, unobtrusive alcohol.

Taste – Popcorn, buttery sweet entry on the front palate.  Dissipates with an almost too smooth, clean finish.

1.75L/1L/750L  40% ACL/VOL. 80 PROOF

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